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Nov 15 2009

Comment of the day for    Ex Officio boxer briefs.

titled “Heaven for the boys”:

"I sweat more than pretty much anyone I know. I’m fit, young, and active, but I sweat like a 1000lb man on the treadmill. I used to always get so annoyed that I couldn’t find boxers that didn’t get soaked after the first ten minutes of a car ride (yes, I sweat even from driving). These boxers are everything everyone says they are. Not only do they keep you dry for days on end, but they are extremely comfortable. Some people have said that the crotch is too big. I disagree. It is tight in the right areas, but they leave a loose "pouch," if you will, so your can have a comfortable resting place for your boys. I wish I could offer some constructive criticism for the construction of these boxer briefs, but I can’t. They’re really that perfect."

By Gells

from Arlington, VA

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Sep 23 2009

Mary Moppins Mop Head

Floors: Rinse a hand size towel under the faucet. Use heavy weight terry cloth towels for floors. Wring out excess moisture. If cleaning a large floor area two towels speeds cleaning. Place the towel over the mop head then press it down. As you lower the mop to the floor, pull the handle back just a bit so the towel swings under the mop head.

Hot water only, no cleaners. It’s just a hard foam tube with velcro on it; swivel base. It works really really well. Better than my McGyvered Broom with Towel and Rubber Bands, and I thought that was pretty good too.

How easy is that?

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Sep 10 2009
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Apr 20 2009

there’s pirates…and then there’s pirates.

Somali pirates

"Piracy began as a violent reaction to rampant illegal fishing by commercial fishing companies, mostly from European and Asian countries, according to U.N. officials, who say the fishermen often operate with fake licenses.

A Somali man who gave his name only as Ali said he became a pirate in 2004 after several confrontations with commercial fishing vessels operating in Somali waters.

"We used to put our nets at night in the sea and go back in the morning to see our catch, but we’d just see a big ship taking our nets out of the water," said Ali, 25, now a shopkeeper in Nairobi.

When he and his colleagues steered their boat close to the vessel, he said, the crew sprayed them with hot water, and one of them fired bullets. Ali said his friend was injured, their boat was sunk and they had to swim to shore. ”

Let’s not forget that those illegal fishing vessels were trawlers, which create dead zones.

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Apr 06 2009

international pillow fight day

the best use of Pershing Square I ever saw, and that includes the ice skating. music by  Does It Offend You, Yeah?

International Pillow Fight Day ‘09 - Los Angeles from Sean O’Brien on Vimeo.

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Mar 25 2009

Much more than a storage shed

A generic home from the front:

generic front of house

but behind the garage:

saloon behind garage

full working bar behind those swinging doors. This too can be yours for $780,000, only in Culver City, CA.

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Feb 26 2009

Mario Batali eat your heart out. Depression Cooking by Clara, my new favorite chef.

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Feb 16 2009

second bobcat

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first bobcat

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santa monica fuel co

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